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Welcome to RemoteLAN.net!

***Please check latest news***

We are a growing site which has as a goal to help other computer users and enthusiasts. Either by providing tutorials, giving access to educational archives or hosting small personal site, were here to try and help you. These servers are run and maintained for educational purposes, including dedicated servers supporting long term projects and also for general use web serving. We are always trying to expend our servers, either by adding services and new software, to upgrading to more power servers. We hope you enjoy your visit here can contact us if need be.

We are currently working on redesigning the site to give it a new better look. We are also working to implement a new counter and tracking system for the statistics based on PHP and MySQL. Most of the site's coding is also being redone to accelerate loading time and make future modification easier and faster.

The new primary server is now up and running. You can view more information on it under the Server Specs section. Pictures of the servers will be added soon for those's interested. There still is a possibility of adding two more new servers to support future needs. Consideration for dedicating one of the two other server for personal pages is being looked at. For more information about the new servers being added, check out one again the Server Specs.

We are looking for people that have tutorials they would like to submit online. Any type of computer related tutorial is welcomed. If you would like to submit a tutorial or have any questions/comments then please feel free to contact me.