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total: 29780


*The newest server it now running all MySQL databases which in return dramatically increased the loading time of the pages. Furthermore, the MySQL server software will be uninstalled from the first server used to run RemoteLAN. This server will now run exclusively the Bind software, making it the DNS server.


*We have purchased a new server, which can be viewed in the Server Specs section, and will be transferring services to it soon. Some of the site's code has been redone in efforts to accelerate the generation and loading of pages. The site's layout and design have not changed much yet, but changes are still planned. An announcement will be made when this time comes. Furthermore, ads by Google have been added in order to create a minor revenue to maintain and be able to supplement the costs of running the servers. However, are still considering if we shall keep the ads or not. Comments on this subject are welcome.


*One of the new servers is now up and running fully. All planned upgrades and repairs are completed and the server should now run for a while without any future maintenance planned. We are now using a new operating system on our servers called Cent OS. It is derived from the Red Hat Enterprise operating systems but it is free to use unlike the new Red Hat Enterprise OS. The web site is been redesigned and will soon be replacing the current site.


*New servers are being prepared to replace the current web server. These new servers are much faster, more reliable and will also be able to host a Red Hat 7.3 and Red Hat 9.0 apt update server. Furthermore, a super computer, based on a cluster of computers, will be create and implemented. This is done in cooperation with ironwilliamcash.com for educational research.


*The MySQL server has been fixed and the databases are now back up and running. MySQL services are slowly being restored and management sections are being restored with their passwords.


*The software on the Linux server has been updated using the up2date program in text-based mod. Furthermore, the FTP service has finally been installed and configured to work properly, allowing both user accounts and anonymous connections. The FTP software being used it vsftpd, a very powerful and stable ftp daemon used by multiple well know sites.


*We have upgrade the Linux box to Red Hat 9.0 which in turn upgraded the Apache software to version 2.0.40, the PHP software to version 4.2.2 which improved the stability of the web server. There are still problems with the MySQL server but they are being looked at. This is now the main server, the Windows server is now used to monitor, the applications, create, edit and test new files and scripts. It is also being used as a front by using the MySQL Administrator program to view and make modifications to the MySQL server running on the Linux server.


*We have setup a Linux box running Red Hat 7.3 which will soon he able to host web files. Apache is install and configured, there are however a few problems with the PHP. The SSH server is running properly. The are a few problems to get the FTP server running, but we are working on it.


*The site's code has been redone so it no longer uses frames. MySQL has been reinstalled and configured. New PHP scripts are in the works, and will be available to download when they're fully tested.


*We have returned to Apache 2.0.52 and will stay with it from now on. We are running the WebServ- PHP-5.0.2 pack that includes Mysql, Perl, PHP, PHP Admin and multiple add-ons such as SSL. We are running a FTP using BulletProof FTP. Furthermore, we have setup another server located at http://s2.remotelan.net and a new FTP at ftp://s2.remotelan.net using the same web serving pack and the same FTP server. To finish off the list of recent upgrades, we now have a mail server for our site. We no longer need to use third-party email services. All new emails can be sent to @remotelan.net


* We are now back up and running after almost two weeks of downtime. Due to a very busy work schedule, I have had very limited time to work on the server. However, the following is what has been done. The server has been reformatted, a new installation of Windows 2003 will help to speed things up and fix numerous little problems we were experiencing. We are back running on IIS 6.0 after a very short time of running Apache 2.0.52. We may return to Apache at a later time, but for now we are working to restore services back to normal. The web site will soon have a major face lift, if all goes well. The MSN messenger bot is still down and will be restored soon, I will post again when it will be done.


* IIS 6.0 is remove and Apache and MySQL are installed. Problems still remain on the server and more testing is required to get it fixed. Possibility of reformatting the server to correct some Windows based problems. More information will be available soon.


* We are experiencing problems with our server at this time. Please be patient as we work through them. Furthermore, we are going to change our server from IIS 6.0 to Apache 2.0.52, install MySQL database and upgrade to PHP 5.0.2. If you have any question our comments, contact me at: remotelan@gmail.com You can also check out the previous address on MSN messenger to get the latest info from the RemoteLAN msn bot about the server.