Access an FTP Server tutorial

To be able to access any ftp serve, you need an FTP program (WS_FTP, CuteFTP)

The following tutorial was done using CuteFTP Pro version 1.0


Fig. 1

To log on onto an FTP site, you need to know the address (or IP address), the user name and password (if necessary) and on which port the server is running on.


Type the site’s address or IP address into the “Host:” box, the user name and password unto their respective places. If there is no user name or password required, leave these boxes empty. Finally, type in on which port you want to connect (default port is 21). See fig. 2 for an example.

 Fig. 2


Finally, to connect to the server after you have entered all the necessary information, you can press Enter or click on this icon  located just after the port box.


This concludes my basic intro to connecting to an FTP server. If you need more help, or would like more information email me.



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