STI Cell Processor


What is the cell processor...

Developped by Sony, Toshiba and IBM, The cell processor is a new way of thinking. Instead of having one individual and different chip for each appliance and component, STI wants to make one processor that can be used in anything and everything. Also this processor would be able to "communicate" with other processors on a network around it to send part of the work-load to other processors that are not being used. Interacting the way neurons in the human brain do, these prcessors would make everythng ultra fast. A computer which needs more processing power will be able to use the processor in the printer, telephone, fax, scanner and so on to do it's data operations.

The cell processor will have high speed broadband connections directly linked to the chip, so it can comunicate and stream data to another chip increadibly fast. Cells will take advantage of IBM's most advanced semiconductor development and process technologies. These cells will deliver high performance while consuming small quantities of power.

The cell's first appearance will probably be throught the Playstation 3 which is currently under deveoloppement, but it will not be limited to it. Eventually, STI aims to have cells in every electronic device around, so that each piece of equipment can be imbeded with ultimate processing speed.